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Black Bat Shaped Fillable Shaker Hair Bows

Black Bat Shaped Fillable Shaker Hair Bows
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Black Bat Shaker Bow

These adorable bat shaker bows have three layers which consist of felt, satin and organza fabrics. Bows have a stiffer felt in the back to hold their shape. There is a tiny opening at the bottom of the felts where glitter and clay can be added to create a fun shaker bow. 

Sold by the piece. 

Picture is just an example of what can be made. Does not include other accessories. 


    • Small shaker bow: 4.75" Wide
    • Large shaker bow: 7"Wide


    • All of the shaker bows will come empty and flat and will need to be filled, sealed and formed by the purchaser into a finished bow. Clips, fillers and centers are sold separately.
    • There might be a slight color variation due to the fabric content and color variations in screens/monitors.
    • All of these items are hand sewn so there may be slight variations in length, width and shape but they will adhere to the approximate measurements listed above.
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