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Boho Boo | Jelly Sheets | Warehouse Wednesday

Boho Boo | Jelly Sheets | Warehouse Wednesday

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Boho Boo Halloween Jelly Sheets

     These waterproof jelly sheets are perfect for your own custom designed hair bows and will be completely waterproof! Just like our faux leather sheets you can also get creative and make keychains, earrings, purses and purse tassels, bookmarks, wristbands, and more and with the added bonus that they are high gloss and they can be worn to the pool!


  • Size 8" x 11" Tall
  • Thickness: .6mm thick
  • Material: Waterproof Jelly 
  • White Backing
  • NOTE: Pattern can go horizontal or vertical


Jelly sheets are made with high quality thick plastic material that is not hard or stiff but flexible for crafting. Sheets are available in different patterns and are printed on the backside so that the front can have a smooth high gloss shine. Backing is finished off with a white coat to give pattern more vibrancy in color and to help the longevity of the sheet. 

Patterns by Golden June and Samantha Marie Designs. 

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