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Book Cover | Silicone Mold / Hardware

Book Cover | Silicone Mold / Hardware
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Book Kit Silicone Mold and Hardware

**For use with A:B Resin and UV Resin

For those who like to customize your journal or notebook this is the supplies that allows you to create, change, modify, and personalize. Create your own book or journal cover using UV or AB resin with your favorite glitters and dyes. Choose your preference of size and add paper as you need it. Binder rings allow for a sturdy and easy way to exchange your glitter resin book cover and lined pages.  Add pages as you need them, and/or take out pages you don't need (or don't like) without having the mess of ripping out a page or taping one in. 


Small Size

  • Small Cover :  13 cm x 9 cm (5.12in. x 3.54in.)
  • Small Paper: 12.5 cm x 8 cm (4.52in. x 3.15in.)
  • Paper:  45 Sheets

Medium Size

  • Medium Cover : 17.5 cm x 10.5 cm (6.89in. x 4.13in.)
  • Medium Paper: 17 cm x 9.5 cm (6.69in. x 3.74in.)
  • Paper:  45 Sheets

**Binder Rings come set of 2


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