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Fiesta Flowers Sealed Shaker Sleeve Pouch

Fiesta Flowers Sealed Shaker Sleeve Pouch
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Bright Fiesta Flowers on White Shaker Sleeve Pouch

These Spanish floral shaker sleeve pouches are prefect to make beautiful shaker bows, appliques and lots more! This sleeve comes with all four sides sealed. Design is printed on the inside back side of the shaker with clear front. These sleeves can be filled with glitter, resins, or whatever cute items you can think of!


Make a small cut on the back side of the shaker sleeve so you can fill it with clay/glitter. Then using the Gorilla Glue seal the cut and let dry, assuring nothing comes out of the slit (Once the glue is dry, it will not be noticeable). Then pinch together the center and tie together with ribbon, tulle, or faux suede cord. And then you have a cute filled shaker sleeve bow!


Sleeve Size:   5" long x 3.5" tall


Visit the links below for the different options of glitter and loose clay slices, accessories for your center, and the glue to seal your cut for your glitter!

Gorilla Glue

Resins and Clay Slices


Faux Suede Cord and Ribbon

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