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Solid Smooth Nylon | 3" Nylon Fabric Strip

Solid Smooth Nylon | 3" Nylon Fabric Strip

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Solid Smooth 3" Nylon Fabric Strip

**Pictures linked to show color**

These soft stretchable solid nylon fabric strip are pre-sewn length wise to help lessen the amount of work you need to do for whatever project you decide to take on. Turn them into beautiful fall colored twisted nylon headbands, soft pink or blue baby bow headwraps, scrunchies, hair ties, or any other of your favorite hair accessories!


  • Length: 48"
  • Width: 3"


Nylon fabric strips are soft, lightweight, stretchable fabric not being stiff or course and allowing for that nice fluid drape. Fabric is solid colored with your choice of color and is dyed all the way through for best quality of no fading or white spots when stretched. Length of nylon strip is sewn together to make tube-like fabric strip allowing for quick double layer fabric projects.

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