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Sweetasaurus Dinos | Bow Strips

Sweetasaurus Dinos | Bow Strips
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Sweetasorus Dinos Bow Strips


Ruth :         

  • Finished bow size is approximately 3.5" wide.
  • Strip Length: 15"
  • Strip Width: 1.5"

    Mini Isabelle :

    • Finished bow size is approximately 4" wide.
    • Strip Length: 16"
    • Strip Width: 2"

    Isabelle :      

    • Finished bow size is approximately 5" wide.
    • Strip Length: 21.5"
    • Strip Width: 2.25"

     X-Large Isabelle :      

    • Finished bow size is approximately 5.5" wide.
    • Strip Length: 25"
    • Strip Width: 3"


    Ruth bow is two layer fabric strip with edges that are cleanly folded and sewn providing a professional and high quality seam. Pattern is shown on both sides and double layer provides for a nice thickness. This style can also be repurposed into a scrunchie with only minor adjustments.

    Each Isabelle bow is a single layer of fabric sewn with thick lining to help avoid fraying and to increase durability without seeming bulky to the eye and still retaining that nice lay. Backing is not stark white but retains slight visibility of front pattern avoiding contrast in colors.


         **Pattern by PIP Designs

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