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Villain Floral | Faux Leather Sheets

Villain Floral | Faux Leather Sheets

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Villain Floral Patterned Faux Leather Fabric Sheets

    Custom print faux leather sheets perfect for your custom bow making supplies! Use this synthetic leather to make bows, keychains, earrings, purses, tassels, bookmarks, wristbands, and other crafty ideas. Choose your pattern and get creative!


    • Thickness: 1mm thick
    • A4 sized sheet (8" Wide x 11" Tall)
    • Faux Leather is smooth
    • Backing is a soft white fleece material
    • NOTE: Pattern can go horizontal or vertical


    Faux leather feels like smooth leather but is made with synthetic material. The faux leather is available in different patterns and are printed clearly with no blurriness and in vibrant color for best quality. Backing is soft white fleece material making it more appealing to the eye than canvas backings along with better handling. Sheets are available in two sizes and measures approximately 1mm in thickness making it not flimsy and more formable for bows etc.


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