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Your Secret Admirer Bow Strips

Your Secret Admirer Bow Strips
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Flowers, Lips, Love Letters and Hearts on Pink Bow Strips 

These festive bow strips for Valentine's Day are ready to ship. They feature flowers, lips and hearts with "Be Mine"on a bubble pink background. Just tie them and add a clip or attach to a hair band or headband and they are ready to wear or to sell to others.


Ruth :         

  • Finished bow size is approximately 3.5" wide.
  • Strip Length: 15"
  • Strip Width: 1.5"

Isabelle :      

  • Finished bow size is approximately 5" wide.
  • Strip Length: 19.5"
  • Strip Width: 2.25"


Ruth bow is two layer fabric strip with edges that are cleanly folded and sewn providing a professional and high quality seam. Pattern is shown on both sides and double layer provides for a nice thickness. This style can also be repurposed into a scrunchie with only minor adjustments.

      *all bow sizes come as a strip and must be tied into a finished bow


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