Bat Bow Shaker Tutorial

Bat Bow Shaker Tutorial

Hi! Today we're going to be showing y'all how to make our brand new bat shaker bows!! Items needed: - Our organza bat shaped felt - glitter or clays of your choice - Hot glue or fabric tape - A center, we used glitter faux leather - Thread or a rubber band - Optional Clips or Headbands to attach it to - Funnel How-to:

 1. Take your bat shaped felt and open the hole between the felt and place your funnel in.

2. Take your desired amount of glitter/clays and put them into the bow.

3. Close the opening with a small amount of hot glue or fabric tape. Then shake your clays around how you want them.

4. Fold your bow in half and make sure no clays are in the center, but that the amounts are even on both sides.

5. Fold your bow accordion style down the middle and secure by wrapping thread or a rubber band around it.

6. Once you got your bow how you want it and secure, wrap you center piece of glitter faux leather around it and secure with hot glue. (If you chose to put it on a clip or headband, do that before adding the center.)

7. You're all done!! :)

So simple and sooo cute!! Links to the products used: Bat Shaker (available starting on 7.28.22 at 11am EST)

Glitter Faux Leather
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