Custom Printing Agreement

Uploading your designs to our website ( has some restrictions you will want to be aware of before placing an order. When uploading a design, you are indicating that you own the image/pattern OR that you have a legal right to use it by the creator/copyright owner.  Simply put, this means that you either created all of the images, words and design yourself and they don’t originate from another source OR you are using someone else's work but have a license or right to do so.   


Original Works

Simply put, Original Work is any design in which you have personally created the pattern, theme, design elements and words from scratch.

  • You can upload your original works for custom printing with no problems. 
  • If it's a design you've created on your computer or a photograph you have taken yourself, you can upload that directly as this belongs to you.
  • We do ask that all uploaded original work be at least 300 dpi and file sizes no larger than 40mb. Seamless patterns are also preferred.


Non-Orignal Works

Simply put, Non-Original Work is any design/pattern which you did not personally create yourself. The image or pattern ownership belongs to someone else, normally the creator.

You may be asking, what if I am not creative enough to come up with my own original artwork? Can I still custom print if I am not a designer? Well you are in luck as there are thousands of artists/designers who will license their designs to you for custom printing. A quick Google or Etsy search for "seamless patterns" will result in endless possibilities for designs you can purchase for printing.

  • Nearly ALL images/patterns you find on the internet have a copyright owner. In order to print that image, you need the legal rights/permission from the owner.
  • Some images/patterns are available for personal use but NOT commercial use. The copyright owner should be able to tell you the difference licensing options when purchasing a design.
  • It is not okay to represent a non-original image as your own work, even if you have a license granting you rights to use the image. You should credit the original artist and source if you are displaying the work in any public forum or on your own website. However, merely identifying the original source of an image or design does not give you the right to use it.
  • Pip Supply will at its discretion occasionally ask for proof of licensing to ensure all copyright rules and our terms of service are being followed. 


Additional Things to Consider

  • Designs that included a trademark or image that originates from another creator (i.e. TV Show, Movie Character, Sport Team, Corporation, Book, Band, Name/Image/Likeness of a Celebrity, etc) or even includes a close combination colors/images/words that is intended to bring to mind someone else's work, could be construed as a copyright violation.
  • Even if you draw or create your own designs that contain or reference third party intellectual property, it can still be a violation of copyright or trademark laws.
  • One common misconception is the 10% rule, which assumes that if you "change or materially modify" at least 10% of a design that it is no longer considered the same as the original and becomes your own. This is not consistent with copyright law and you can still be violating someone else's rights.
  • If you are not positive an image is allowable, it is always best to avoid usage OR seek the input of an copyright attorney who can advise you on what is and what is not legally permissible.
  • Unless explicitly stated, it’s best to assume that public domain or images with expired copyright are okay for personal, but not commercial use