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Pick Any Patterns On Our Website DIY Knotted Headband Kits

Pick Any Patterns On Our Website DIY Knotted Headband Kits
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Make DIY Headband Kits With Any of Our Available Patterns

Choose any pattern you see on our website to make DIY Knotted Headband Kits. These DIY headband kits are easy to assemble and come with the pieces you need to make your own knotted headbands. These kits include a custom printed and sewn fabric strip and a coordinating soft, velvet headband and are sold in packs of three per design.  

You will need the following from our website:

- the name of the pattern from our website (look at fabric or faux leather listings for all available pattern options)

- a screenshot of the pattern from our website

1) Select fabric type for the printed piece: polyester (most popular), ribbed or velvet

2) Type in the pattern name exactly as it is on the website

3) Upload the screenshot you took of the pattern (from faux leather or fabric, either is fine)

4) Choose the base headband color you want: white, black, caramel brown or PIPS Pick (we will pick the best match for you)

Important Info:

-All Headband Kits will be scaled/sized like the small scaling of the corresponding fabric listing. 

-This is not for your personal patterns/designs that you want to upload. Please see our custom printing section if you are interested in that option.  Custom Printing


Important Info

Our custom printed DIY headband kits are made to order. The average production time is 4-6 business days
after the order is placed. For more information made to order items, please click here. (link to
The kits will come as a fabric strip and base headband and will need to be tied and attached to the
headband by the purchaser into a finished knotted headband. The fabric pieces are hand sewn so there may
be slight variations in length, width and shape but they will adhere to the approximate measurements
listed. There might be slight color variations between fabric types and how the colors appear on different

Inspiration & Ideas

We have been selling hair accessories for more than a decade and source only the highest quality materials.
We print all of our headband kits here in the USA at our Georgia manufacturing facility. Our headband kits
are super easy to assemble and ready to wear in minutes. No sewing or measuring necessary and you can
view our simple tutorial here:

About DIY Headband Kits

Each DIY kit comes with two parts for making a knotted headband that will fit children and most adults. Kits
include a custom printed and sewn fabric strip and a coordinating velvet headband and will require
assembly. There is a seam on the back side of the fabric strip that will not be visible once attached to the
headband. The headband is a sturdy suede velvet base allowing for a soft and no slip design. Just tie a knot
and glue to the headband and they are perfect for personal use or to sell to others.

Measurements & Materials

We currently offer our custom knotted headband kits in three fabric types. Based on your preferred style
and fabric preference, choose from the following options:
Polyester: 100% Polyester
Ribbed: 95% Polyester/5% Spandex
Velvet: 95% Polyester/5% Spandex
Headband Kit includes:
1 Fabric Strip (19” long)
1 Velvet Base Headband (center width of 1" and will be white, black or caramel brown to match the printed pattern)

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