Pinwheel Hair Bow Tutorial

Pinwheel Hair Bow Tutorial


In todays tutorial, we're making a Pinwheel Bow!!

Items needed:

- Unfinished ruth fabric strip

-Sewing machine



1. Take the fabric strip and flip it in half horizontally, where the print is on the inside. Clip the edges so they line up.

2. Start at the tail of the strip. Begin sew about a quarter of an inch away from the edge. (Don't forget to backstitch the beginning!)

3. Once you get to the center of the strip, leave about an inch open so you can pull it through at the end.

4. Continue to sew up the rest of the bow. Then, trim your excess thread.

5. Go through the center and begin to flip your strip so the pattern is on the outside.

6. Iron your bow to make it flatter and more crisp. (Make sure you get the center so it lays flat!!)

7. Tie your bow strip!! (If you need help tying, see our video below!)

8. Insert your clip through the back of your bow. Secure with hotglue if you'd like!

All done!! :)

These unfinished cuts of fabric can be found in the link below: .

Bow Tying Video

Print on Demand Bows:

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