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Upload Your Own Patterns CUSTOM Pinch FABRIC Bows - DIY - PIPS EXCLUSIVE

Upload Your Own Patterns CUSTOM Pinch FABRIC Bows - DIY - PIPS EXCLUSIVE
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Use Your Seamless Pattern on DIY Hand Cut Neoprene Bubble Bows 

Use your own seamless pattern to make neoprene or liverpool hand cut pinch bows. These hair bows are easy to cut and assemble. You will receive your bows printed on neoprene fabric based on your color/pattern selections. The piece will come flat and uncut and will need to be finished by the purchaser which includes cutting, assembling and attaching to either a clip or headband. Any additional items used to finish the bows will need to be provided by the purchaser and are not included in this listing.


**This custom cutout template was designed and is copyrighted by Pretty In Pink Supply/PIP Supply and is exclusively offered by our shop only. The patterns on the cutouts were designed by PIP Supply or our partnering designers and are copyrighted by the creator/designer. Unauthorized reproduction or use without consent is strictly prohibited.**



1) Select your fabric type, pinch bow size and quantity

Offered on a fabric strip, 1/2 yard and full yard and depending on your preference and how you assemble them, the finished bow sizes are approximate and can vary.

Regular Bow:

Approximate Finished Size: 5" Wide x 4.5" Tall

Strip - to make 3 bows

½ Yard - to make 9 bows

Full Yard - to make 18 bows

Mini Bow:

Approximate Finished Size: 3.75" Wide x 3.25" Tall

Strip - to make 4 bows (2 piggie sets)

1/2 Yard - to make 16 bows (8 piggie sets)


2) Bow style

Allover pattern on all the bows OR 1/2 pattern and 1/2 solid OR 1/2 pattern and 1/2 pattern on all the bows (see photo for examples).  All of the bows on the strip, 1/2 yard or full yard will be identical.


3) Upload your desired PATTERN. Make sure your pattern is a high resolution (at least 300 dpi) png or eps file when uploading. Seamless patterns work best for custom printing. *We are not responsible for low resolution files that are uploaded and subsequently printed. Maximum file size is 40mb

The first PATTERN that is uploaded will be on the left side of the bow and the second PATTERN uploaded will be the right side of the bow. All bows will be identical.


4) Affirm you have the legal rights to your uploaded pattern/image. *For more information regarding copyright use, please click here


5) If you selected 1/2 pattern 1/2 solid, then type the name of a coordinating solid color (we will match the exact color from the pattern) (ie. pink, light pink, bright pink, etc) The solid color will be on the right side of all of the bows.


6) Choose to add a word and type it exactly as you want it to appear (keep in mind that the word you type will appear on every bow). If you choose to use a name, the same name will be on all the bows.

7) Select the font. Please keep in mind that the longer the word, the smaller it will be on the bow and it will also be smaller if you select the "Mini" sized bow. The font will be the same on all bows.

8) Select the color preference for the word. We will match the color from the pattern (ie. pink, light pink, bright pink, etc). The color for the word will be the same on all bows.


9) Choose to have a mock-up of your custom bows emailed to you (additional $10 and includes one revision)


Important Info:

-All patterns for pinch bows will be scaled/sized similar to our standard bow scaling. 

- If you want to use patterns/designs already found on our website, please use this product


Fabric Type:

Liverpool (Bullet): 95% Polyester/5% Spandex (230 GSM)

Neoprene: 90% Polyester/10% Spandex 1.5mm Thickness (230 GSM)


Important Information:

Our custom printed fabric bow templates are made to order. There might be slight color variations based on material content, computer/phone screens and lighting. The average production time is 4-6 business days after the order is placed. For more information on our made to order items, please click here.

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